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noonartsound: Art & Music as Contemplative Experiences

noonartsound: Art & Music as Contemplative Experiences

All are invited to attend the March 5th noonartsound  presentation, featuring Drs. Craig Eliason (Art History) and Vanessa Cornett (Music).  They will speak on this month's subject:  Art and Music as Contemplative Experiences.

     "How do human beings experience the arts?  Specifically, how do we direct our attention when perceiving a piece of art or music?  Can a more contemplative encounter with an artistic or musical work enlighten our intellectual understanding of it?  Join us as we explore the distinct processes of analyzing the arts (by assessing, scrutinizing, contextualizing) and simply experiencing them with an attitude of open mindfulness (without judgment, in the present moment)."   - Dr. Vanessa Cornett                        

About our presenters:

Dr. Craig Eliason is a professor in the Art History department and teaches courses on modern art and design.  He researches the history of the design of printing types, and is a practicing type designer as well.

Dr. Vanessa Cornett teaches piano performance and other courses in the Music department.  An advisor for the UST Project for Mindfulness and Contemplation, she enjoys exploring the applications of mindfulness in the performing arts, and contempative practices in higher education.

Please plan to join us!  Bring your lunch if you wish - light dessert will be provided - and as always noonartsound is free and open to all!

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Tuesday, March 5, 2019
12:00pm - 1:00pm
OSF 108 (Leather Room)
Just for Fun Lecture

Chris Kachian started moderating noonartsound 8 years ago with Shelly Nordtorp-Madson. It began as a demo-lecture series of music performance and talks by art historians, and has morphed into everything from politics and propaganda, leadership and motivation, music and monuments, etc.   Hosted by the Library in the O'Shaughnessy Room at noon six times throughout the academic year, all are welcome to bring lunch and enjoy a light dessert.  

As Chris Kachian says, "It’s way cool.  Just to give you an idea about how diverse this has all become, Bernie Armada (the UST linguistics prof and a standup improv comedian) and I are talking about “improvisation as an apocalyptic life skill” later this spring semester."

We hope you will join us!!